Support Us

We need your support to develop the museum further, as their are hundreds if not thousands of items not on display. 

We therefore want to develop and refurbish the building and display the rest of these rare and wonderful items. 

This unique heritage needs to be protected and displayed in the best possible conditions in order to give all rugby lovers, players and fans from all over the world the opportunity to fully experience a legendary location entirely dedicated to the History of Rugby. 

Unfortunately many exhibits are not displayed at present due to financial restrictions. We are trying to change this by developing the Museum and providing a suitable home for these rare items. 

If you want to become part of the ever growing Rugby family, actively supporting this magnificent sport and its values and enable future generations to enjoy this fabulous collection, please help us by making a donation.

Each donation will contribute to the redevelopment, refurbishment and modernization of the Museum premises. 

Depending on the level of your donation you will be rewarded with a gift. Ranging from, an official certificate “friend of the Rugby Museum”, engraved plaque on the wall of fame, limited edition book,or a vintage hand stitched limited edition Rugby ball made by the last professional stitcher in Rugby. (Full details below)

Your support is much appreciated and we will ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest developments at the museum, and hope to meet with you in the near future


We are also very interested to talk to any corporate companies or associations who would like to offer support in the form of sponsorship of the museum We would be happy to talk to you and consider your requirements. Please get in touch on 07715 350123 if interested.