Our Store

The Rugby Football Museum is working in conjunction with The Rugby Company Ltd and are able to offer their ranges Heritage, Vintage, & Classic.

A contribution will be made towards the museum for purchases or any of these items as follows: For the Heritage range all of the profits of each sale will be contributed towards the museum and 10% of the profits on the Vintage and Classic ranges.

This means you can take advantage of great clothing from a British brand and assist the museum at the same time.


This range forms part of a bigger picture, as one of the key drivers for The Rugby Company is to create a lasting legacy for the sport and the town from where it was born. We have therefore developed a limited range to support the development of a truly historical experience within the town of Rugby in the form of The Rugby Football Museum.

Vintage Range


Inspired by real history and with a genuine passion for the game. Our limited-edition rugby jerseys depict some of the games finest and most inspirational players, forming part of a certain individuals journey through life, delivering an insight into their history. The range delivers an exceptional attention to detail, construction, & fit, and will last as long as the stories themselves.


Bucking the trend of classic British brands being made abroad this range delivers 100% British made clothing. A traditional luxury range which takes its design inspiration from old fashioned great Britishness on modern natural fabrics. A range that doesn’t date and will last you a lifetime.